About Us

Online Jambhani Library available on this website is the biggest library on Bishnoi religion in the world .This website covers almost all Jambhani literature present till now.
The library is designed to collect and preserve complete old as well as new printed data and handwritten material on the Guru Jambhoji and Bishnoi Community. Alongwith, the ibid website also contains folk songs, Aartis and Bhajans being sung in the Bishnoi community.

Aims and Future Plans of the website www.bishnoisect.com

1. To spread the teachings of Guru Jambhoji throughout the world.
2. To conserve all the Jambhani literature and Bishnoi folk songs and Bhajans, which are not available on one platform till now.
3. To provide data for researchers to make them facilitate for their research and study on Bishnoi Community.
4. To translate Jambhani literature in as much languages as possible.
5. To digitalize the complete data so as to reach the maximum portion of the world.
6. To make this website the Encyclopedia Of Bishnoi Community and Bishnoi Literature.
7. The money collected from all this work will be utilized for Environmental conservation and Literature development.


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