29 Commandments

1. To observe segregation of the mother and newborn for 30 days after delivery .
2. To keep woman away from all activities for 5 days during her menstrual periods to provide compulsory rest to the woman.
3. To take bath early morning.
4. To maintain both external and internal cleanliness.
5. To meditate twice a day i.e. morning and evening (the times when night is being separated from the day).
6. To sing the Lord’s glory and reciting his virtues every evening.
7. To offer daily oblation to the holy fire with a heart filled with feelings of welfare, love and devotion.
8. Use filtered water, milk and carefully cleaned fuel/ firewood to make the water and milk bacteria free.
9. Filter your speech. Think before you speak.
10. To be forgiving in nature. Forgiveness is a parameter of greatness.
11. To be compassionate. Compassion helps in purifying the heart.
12. Not to steal. Trying to own someone else’s things through cheating, or stealing is theft. Theft is the dirt of the character. It pinches the soul.
13. Not to revile/condemn someone.
14. Not to tell lies.
15. Not to indulge in opprobrium.
16. To observe fast and meditate on no-moon night (and the same day i.e. Amavsya) to provide rest to the body and its internal systems.
17. To recite the holy name of Lord Vishnu.
18. To be compassionate towards all living beings.
19. Not to fell green trees.
20. To kill the non-perishables to overcome the non-perishable enemies of human beings viz. lust, anger, envy, greed and attachment.
21. To partake food cooked by self/other religious person or one who is pure by heart and work.
22. To provide a common shelter (Thhat) for goat/sheep to avoid them being slaughtered in abattoirs. No Bishnoi should sell a male goat/sheep because these could be used for slaughtering purposes. Hence, he should send them to Thhat’s where the whole community provides feed and shelter for them.
23. Not to have bull’s castrated.
24. Not to partake of opium or any product made out of opium.
25. Not to use tobacco and its products.
26. Not to partake of cannabis.
27. Not to drink liquor.
28. Not to eat meat or non-vegetarian dishes.
29. Not to use blue coloured clothes.